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YONI SHAKTI Waning Moon Circle

Come and share in this gathering of to connect and embrace our Shakti ~ innate feminine power. Yoni Shakti Yoga is a way of practising yoga that honours our ever-changing moods, cycles and rhythms. Bringing to the mat who we are today, right now, and moving, exploring from a place of awareness of that knowledge of what is present for us today. In our circle we will experience gentle juicy yoga asana (stretches) and mudra (hand gestures) that honours our divine Shakti, and immerse in Total Yoga Nidra - profound relaxation in a lying down meditation that is the fertile soil for the flowers of our inner wisdom to blossom. You are invited to gather in our circle of women under the light of the waning crescent moon – the lunar quarter of descent from the abundant light of the full moon to the darkness of the dark moon. This is a time when we can sometimes feel that we have less energy and that support is needed. This circle is a space to pause, rest and connect to what your body needs, moving from that place; and honouring power in the source of our being. Maha Shakti ki JAI! – All Power to the Great Deep Feminine Energy!

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